Copy & Paste Videos and Earn Money { All Over The World }

Copy & paste videos to earn free PayPal money. How to do it? Let’s find out!

You can withdraw your earnings using PayPal, payoneer, payeer, skrill, bitcoin and a variety of other methods. 

The website is available anywhere in the world and is compliant with your laptop, your desktop, your mobile, and tablets as well. 

Simply copy a video from this free platform, go to the website, which we have never discussed before, and upload your video right here, and you will earn free PayPal money just like many people from all over the world. 

As we can see, people are getting paid free PayPal money over and over again. Also, keep your eyes open for the website name.

I’ve already earned over $300 by applying this method, as you can see here. And I had to use a couple of websites to earn this much money from this method. 

Be sure to stay until the end so you don’t miss any of them and so you’ll know exactly what you want to do.

With that out of the way, let’s go to step number 1

Step Number – 01: 

So the first thing you wanna do is to come over to a website called Again, plr and PLR stands for private label rights. 

So on this website, we can download free PLR e-books, software, articles and PLR videos. We can download free PLR videos and we can sell them anywhere we want without having to worry about copyright claims. 

In this post, you will see exactly how copying & pasting PLR videos will make you free PayPal money. 

And no I’m not going to tell you to sell them or whatsoever. this strategy has nothing to do with selling, nothing to do with affiliate marketing, CPA marketing or even youtube. It’s super simple and literally anyone can do this free method.

Once you come over to, you wanna scroll down a little bit and you want to click on this join now button. 

Click on that green button and it will direct you over to the register page where you will need to sign up for absolutely free. 

They do have a gold membership but we don’t need that membership, what we need is the free one. 

Click on the free right here, scroll down a little and then you will be able to sign up to this platform for free by providing some details. 

Now here’s a bonus tip, when you create your account on PLR mines make sure to enter the real email address that you’re using.

Because they will send you a verification email. Right here it will look like this. You just want to click on this verification link and you will be able to log into your free account.

Then let’s go to step 2.

Step Number – 02: 

After you created an account PLR mines, this is how it will look like. Right here we can see they have free ebooks, free graphics, free videos, free templates and free software as well. 

All of these products have private label rights. You can download hundreds of different digital products from this website and you can do whatever you want with them because private label rights give you a license to do anything to those products. 

It gives you complete control of them, allowing you to change them, give them away for free, and do whatever you want for them, which is truly incredible.

So you can download loads of different products from this website for absolutely free, as well as a license to do whatever you want with those products. That’s a really cool thing. 

If you require any e – books, graphics, or templates, you can simply download them for free from this website. 

But that’s not the point; we’re here to make money by copying and pasting videos, which is just what we’re going to do right now.

So the next thing is to just scroll down a little bit and you want to find this free videos section right here. I want you to click on the link that says ‘access it here’, click on that. 

Before we go any further, make sure you’ve completed all of the previous steps properly, so if you haven’t done, go back and complete all of the steps I’ve just shown you. Otherwise, you’ll get confused and distracted, and this will not be for you.

Simply follow all of the steps until the end of the tutorial, and I guarantee you’ll be able to earn some free PayPal money.

Anyways as you can see this these are all the videos that we can download for absolutely free from this website. 

When we download them we actually get a free license to resell them or give them away. and there’s a website that will pay us money just to upload them on that website. 

So as we can see here, these are.some free PLR videos that we can download.for free. Now all you wanna do is pick any video that you like. 

You can pick anything from here, these all are free to download. So I’m gonna pick one video right here. I’m going to click get it now right here that will take me over to the next page where I can read more about the video. 

If you read it or not, you wanna scroll down and we can see here, digi results affiliate explosion, that’s the name of the video and I can click the download button right here and that will immediately download the video to my computer.

Nnow that you have your video downloaded, let’s head over to the website that will actually pay us free PayPal money, which is 

Again, this is a website that not only helps you store various files for free, but also pays you real money every time someone downloads one of your files. 

And as you would guess, we are gonna upload our video here in order to get paid. but stay tuned because I have a free platform that I used myself to get thousands of downloads and I’ll show you it in just a minute. 

This website has many benefits that I am certain you can appreciate, first and foremost it is available for android, it’s right here for you to see. 

And, if you’re thinking if this app is available on iOS, it currently isn’t, but I’m sure it will change soon. Another thing I’m sure you’ll like about this website is that it can be reached from anywhere in the world, so it will work regardless of your location. 

Lastly, if you look at the payment proof, you’ll see that people are repeatedly earning money from this website.

It has been confirmed that this is not a fake website. Currently, the amount of money you will earn for 1000 downloads is around $7.

And, while I know it’s not a lot, I’d like to inform you that earning more than $300 would be difficult. It was a little hard process for me. 

However, there is a platform that I can provide you with that will drive thousands of daily visits. As a result, it’s almost certain that you’ll be able to earn some free PayPal money.

When you’ve gone to, you’ll want to create a new account. This is how it will look after you’ve created and signed into your new account.

The next move is to upload the video you previously downloaded. To do so, simply click on upload files right here, choose a file, then find and open your video. 

When you’re done this is what you will see. what you must do now is get the link to your video. Right here, this is your link. now you just wanna copy it. 

Then you want to go to So this is the platform that we are gonna use to get thousands of downloads for free. As you can see here, By using this platform we can get 100% real traffic.

This is completely free and herculist works.all over the world. All you wanna do is, first.sign up on this platform. and then you able to publish ads for free on herculist.

We can submit ads and they will be seen by 1000 people every day. It’s super simple.

First, type a subject line here. You want to type something that will grab people’s attention. then right here, paste the video link that we previously copied. Enter an ad body after that. 

You can type some details about the video you downloaded before. You can explain what the video is about, can get from watching it, and so on. Also, don’t forget to paste the video link into.the ad body as well. It’s extremely important.

Now click the submit ad button. That’s it, this ad will now be seen by 1000 real people.

Isn’t it fantastic? So there you have it.

Every single day, you just wanna come to this platform and you want to submit an ad, then you will get up to 1000 downloads every day.

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